the NEW curtain

It was the weather which is easy to pass today, and even if it had opened the door wide, it was the Tailort inside of a shop containing a pleasant enough wind.

I am very glad it today for many visitors to ask for the cloth of a high-class line!!!
The visitor of the inner half who came to the store was the order from a high-class cloth line.
Thank you.

He does his best in the cut which can meet the expectation!!!
Now, since the NEW curtain next month was completed, I introduce.

it seems that you can order a coat next month -- although the staff of our shop is [ be / it ] busy about the search for cloth, since I will do my best so that you can prepare a surely great coat, please wait for completion of a sample to pleasure.
Now, today's example of a cut is here.

What and the white suit of the impression which was simple and was refined.
Is it in case of the thing used at an own marriage party?
It becomes the elegant cloth into which gloss went "Look to advantage at a 屋街 party" for a while.
If there is a groom who wears such clothes.
the bride of being recharmed is also infallible -- it is -- !!!.

then, today -- this -- not passing.

To the visitor by whom a homecoming is done to Japan

■ A free cloth sample can be GET even in Japan.

It is a report about a free cloth sample to a house!
Since I am allowed to store carefully the data which was allowed to carry out the cut of measurement, the suit, etc. at the store of Tailort, it only chooses cloth from Japan, and it can deliver a suit easily.

Under the original major present which does not leak to the direction now asked for the free cloth sample, and one person can also measure easily.
It is return needlessness.

Please actually take in your hand and confirm tone and a feel.
We send to you for nothing [ mailing cost ].

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■ In buying the consultation order suit of an order suit shirt, neither a question nor some measurement methods should hesitate to ask uneasiness etc.

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