Good evening.

Good evening.

Thank you for a lot of our customers visit us today at Tailort.
Perhaps because of the cold weather came back little by little, from the weekend was the usual spacious interior air flows.

Thank you very much everyone who visits us.

Well, put on a coat blog the other day, it was a great response.
Please everyone who commented, thank you.

The real thing may well touch feeling comfortable in making a solid table is also very well back,
It was several hundred times better than the photo finish.

Info did not refer to anyone that I'm sorry. . .
Jacket of your suit and still rising Tailoring,
Since I have let me finish provides a number of wonderful things
We visited all of you, come to our shop, please try to touch your actual hand.

Well, today I made a fabric Kanoniko Tailoring
We introduce a custom-made suit.

Fabric here we have a fabric Tailoring Kanoniko were imported from Italy.
Base color is brown, and pink stripe quite unique
It is suit, very nice contrast
Suit has become a preeminent comfortable touch feeling as well.

where the sleeves have become the button five different suits and our normal
Has become a very fashionable design.

Try ♪ I enjoy you arrange trivial, these means

Bespoke Hanoi Vietnam
Jackets Shirts Pants Suits
Formal tuxedo casual
Small business bag
OEM production Please leave Tailort!

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"If you come to our shop Please leave order-order suit shirts in Vietnam!"

When I buy something and question order suit
Measurements, such as anxiety and how, please feel free to contact us.

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To customers who return to Japan

■ You can GET a free fabric samples in Japan.

Delivering free fabric samples to your home!
Measurements in stores Tailort, we have tailored suits, etc.
Data, so we have to let me keep it in a safe place
You just choose the fabric from Japan, it is possible to deliver it suits easily.

Omission for those who have claimed I can get free fabric samples,
Major gifts can measure easily in the original alone.

It has become unnecessary back. For the hand, please check the actual color and texture.
I will deliver for free shipping.

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When I buy something and question order suit
Measurements, such as anxiety and how, please feel free to contact us.

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