overseas shipment

Hi there
I'm sorry they will be renewed after a long time.

Tailort is get the rest of the period during Tet,
We will resume business from today.

We apologize for the inconvenience but I get the rest to you during Tet,
Thank you for your understanding in many customers, Thank you very much.

It to come to a lot of our customers to say today is the first day it reopened,
I am very pleased!
Among these customers was impressive is that our customers have come to visit us you've (our early days is still open for business) Christmas two years ago from Singapore.

Even though it is just thrilled that it was me you remember to shop, to me
Please remember that, we very impressed.

Although I had previously ordered a custom-made suit,
I heard that They are used still today in the suit that you ordered,
I was very pleased.

Suit rather than in the order, this time, the number of points you purchased the fashion belt
Try to try, if too large, it will depend on the type of the belt,
Please use it at ease means because we can then continue to cut on the fly.

It was the next time, so you can buy (tuxedo! Too) suit also
I think I will look forward to your visit to the fun.

By the way, for your peace of mind, please do not have time to Tailoring, length of stay is short in our in our shop, so we will respond overseas shipment.

Of course, in Japan, will be mailed anywhere overseas.
By all means, please feel free to contact us on our staff.

Thank you!

■ consultation order suits and shirts

"If you come to our shop Please leave order-order suit shirts in Vietnam!"

When I buy something and question order suit
Measurements, such as anxiety and how, please feel free to contact us.

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To customers who return to Japan

■ You can GET a free fabric samples in Japan.

Delivering free fabric samples to your home!
Measurements in stores Tailort, we have tailored suits, etc.
Data, so we have to let me keep it in a safe place
You just choose the fabric from Japan, it is possible to deliver it suits easily.

Omission for those who have claimed I can get free fabric samples,
Major gifts can measure easily in the original alone.

It has become unnecessary back. For the hand, please check the actual color and texture.
I will deliver for free shipping.

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□ Black Suit-Ya black suit shop

□ (order suit using fine Italian cloth Kanoniko) Suit-Ya Selection

□ order easily suit women Suit-Ya Lasarto

□ order to routinely Suit-Ya Shirt shirts

■ consultation order suits and shirts
When I buy something and question order suit
Measurements, such as anxiety and how, please feel free to contact us.

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