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Hi there
Customers can contact us immediately and reverberation but we mention that last Sun offers summer fabric, the fabric soft material in Tailort
I'd like you to meet your customer's actual voice here because there were many.

○ There was xylitol ingredient in soft material,
What effect do you have specifically? (Managers living in Hanoi)

⇒ contact sensation said here, it is no doubt that the material and cool off in the hot summer season
It is the fabric that we have introduced as.
When introduced in detail, the components that are included, such as birch xylitol have been formulated,
To suppress the temperature rise of the material properties by reacting with sweat or moisture is applied,
The resulting material has become a sensation of coolness is followed.
Please try!

○ polyester and synthetic fabrics who has entered or is cool off? (Hanoi resident sales personnel)

⇒ It does not seem to be depending on the fabric here, because it is synthetic it cool.
Is better to put on the character of the woven synthetic polyester and also, to keep the shape of the material
Some of you to long-lasting, and tailoring a suit order as pain can be difficult.
Want bespoke tailored suit the nature of 100% wool, 100% cashmere! And
Since I also weave customers who say,
I think if you can pick out the dough ingredients to your liking!
By the way, if they contain polyester, the shape of the material together is likely to
Wrinkle-resistant, there is a feature ironing tends injured.
Please try to be helpful by all means.

Thank you everyone, a lot of inquiries!
Because I think everyone is trying inquiries will introduce as much as possible,
Please feel free to contact us when there is something.

Thank you!

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When I buy something and question order suit
Measurements, such as anxiety and how, please feel free to contact us.

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To customers who return to Japan

■ You can GET a free fabric samples in Japan.

Delivering free fabric samples to your home!
Measurements in stores Tailort, we have tailored suits, etc.
Data, so we have to let me keep it in a safe place
You just choose the fabric from Japan, it is possible to deliver it suits easily.

Omission for those who have claimed I can get free fabric samples,
Major gifts can measure easily in the original alone.

It has become unnecessary back. For the hand, please check the actual color and texture.
I will deliver for free shipping.

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When I buy something and question order suit
Measurements, such as anxiety and how, please feel free to contact us.

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