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Well today, "I did not know such a thing ...." Embarrassing,
We introduce the "prohibition of wearing suits!" ! !

After also true in one the following prohibitions,
No matter how high suit will also no longer made its meaning!

Basics of fashionable and cleanliness just size.
There is still more that can be improved in the suit now!

Please, check by applying yourself.

■ You have to bear all three button suit
⇒ Let's stop or two, the one on the 1.
Button at the bottom of the three-button suit is just decoration.

Well then keep only two on?

It also is not a mistake,
If you want to show in style, let's be removed to the top button.
Line of the collar is look beautiful, atmosphere margin is stylish.

■ pants length is too long
⇒ Let's know the just length.
Is it just simply untidy habit of school days, or whether not come out.

Length pants suit is a long and Zuru~tsu is,
It looks dirty or just childish.

Bamboo pants sag a little in the foot if "one cushion",
I looks fearless in the same suit.

■ I'm wearing white sports socks
⇒ Let's wear the Hawes plain.

Suit, because it is what dressy,
Correct sports taste is to waste as much as possible.
One point of pure white socks Nante, high school students at all.

The correct answer hose sheer cotton called "Hoes".
I match any suit if dark color such as black or navy blue.

■ I've never inserted a chief
⇒ Let's insert the chief of linen white.
The first glance, the only advanced tech, people who practice very few.

But so just plug in fact it easy to ultimate.
What wins you've done! Is such.

Linen white match any suit,
Bring the atmosphere typical "expert" Moreover, it is special moves.

■ sleeve of the shirt is too out
⇒ Let's just packed in size.

As hemming If you buy pants,
When the length of a sleeve of the shirt does not fit, it is the rule is to rectification.

With too long in rests on the base of the thumb, it looks sloppy.
The correct answer is about to look into the cuff about 1 ~ 2cm from suit.

■ I'm wearing a T-shirt of the pattern under the shirt
⇒ V-neck T-shallow crew or if you want to wear anyway.
So good shirt also, the moment the pattern of the T-shirt I wore it under looked,
The reversion to high school students.

Or crew neck that is hard to see the neck, a plain T-shirt of the shallow V-neck.
light-colored color is not resonate shirt is absolute.

■ shoulder of the suit has fallen
⇒ size is just right.

Suit with oversized about shoulder does not fit
If you have clerk to proceed,
The person most likely do not know the correct fitting.

"The larger is easy" in the belief that,
Better suit just size after a comfortable by far,
Appearance is beautiful.

■ You have a belt to be in denim
⇒ As with socks, there is a belt of suit for the suit.

Although apparently the person who has a thick belt of denim for,
Is not meant even to "take off" after childish.

The correct answer is a calf leather calf = simple materials that do not interfere with the suit.

■ wrinkled suits
⇒ Let's put the steam.

Until put cleaning, do not neglect the suit?

It can be a "taste" wrinkles of casual clothes, but only smell poverty wrinkles suit.
And even without getting to cleaning beans, wrinkles will disappear in the steam function of the iron.

■ the shirt wrinkled
⇒ Let ironed properly.

Shirt is wrinkled, not only does not look stylish,
It is strictly forbidden because even feel tired of life.

Form stability shirt is one of choice, but a little inelegant smartly.
You put a cleaning or ironing small blister, let's try to clean.

Above, how about.
Anyone who was true in one,
Please, try to improve from today today!

[Editor's Note]

Hi there
Seeing the e-mail magazine of our store always,
Thank you very much! ! !

Well, people were seeing the blog
As you may already know,
New for cloth were received just the other day in our store,
It lets me side by side in the store today! ! !

Well-known brands such as cloth Kanoniko and Leda comes up ♪ after another new work

The cloth or good to the casual wear other
To small business, we have available to me fully!
I think that if you can see in everyone willingly by all means! ! !

Pants and jacket that was sewing in casual cloth Thanks
Has a favorable reception! !

The rice gratitude for that,
Sewing in casual cloth,
Since I was going to price cut significantly,
Purchase at a price deals as butterfly stick fine cloth, ♪ be able to sewing

In addition to the sewing of casual wear that is cheap buy,
For guests who had you order at the same time jacket, pants
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