Sping and summer half pant new arrivals and so much more !!!

There are so many reasons to love the transition from fall/winter to spring/summer. One thing I look forward to is swapping heavy jackets and wool sweaters for lighter clothing. There is nothing like feeling free from so many layers. I particularly enjoy wearing what I consider my uniform of the season--a polo, flip flops and jeans with a great belt topped off with cool sunglasses. Check out these spring/summer must haves for the perfect casual look. let's chech out our shop. Men's polo shirts, half trouser and more. Please come and visit!

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■ To the visitor who return to Japan
I can GET a free fabric samples in Japan .

Home to deliver a free fabric samples !
Measurements in stores Tailort, I was allowed to tailor your suit , etc.
Because we have been not lose the data
Just you choose the fabric from Japan , the suit can deliver it easily .

Entitled to receive the one that had request a sample fabric free now ,
Original major gift in one person even can measure easily .
It becomes the return unnecessary . For a hand , please check the texture and hue fact .
I send it with free shipping .

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