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Hình ảnh: would me about what "normal".  .  .  I thought a little recently such a thing.  I mean, it had been thought that to work wearing a suit when I was a child that he can, but your do now, is wearing a suit, part is the formal is intact, and a sense of fun, those of men that can be incorporated fashion, such "room is" like is, whether it is irresistibly cool!  I've noticed with.  The photograph has been taken of the lining able to choose when we receive your tailored jacket in our store.  While wearing the jacket, there is little that the lining is visible, do you reflect the preference to how that part.  I think what this part, and I'm looking forward to the order suit.  I saw a little web news, Oshima Yuko of AKB48 is the case had been saying, that the average person, such like, might be good Tatte have a dream, people that need a "normally, enjoy more-than-usually I remembered that. "it is possible, a passage I read in this a long time ago.  How about everyone also is. If I make it, the suit of your own by all means?
The lining is one of the important  factors for a suit. High  quality linings with various patterns are available in our shop.Please come our shop to see more. Thank you so much.
T Ailort Staff
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