Introduction about the shop

Hi there
Today I will introduce you to our shop.
Bespoke Tailor Tailort is served in Vietnam's capital Hanoi,
You are accepting made to order at the beginning and the clothes suits and shirts, you will men's clothing of Taylor.

Is passed through a "made-to-order, and to create a way of life cool man.
We all create Tailor your life there. "Concept
Customers in high-quality made-to-order products of Hanoi resident foreigners and Vietnamese wealthy we have products and services.
uan Dieu Street, which is located in Thailand Koto.
Mansion-style building nestled in a quiet residential area of Tay Ho street went a little there will be our shop.

Material that was including the fabric and are imported from Japan and Europe,
We will guide you through the only thing that was carefully selected.

In addition, we have delivered high quality of the made-to-order products to customers by thorough management system, including quality management.

And especially for men who prefer a simple dress,
It becomes important point that a small difference in the clothes of the silhouette and specifications to the left and right impression.

Tailor-made not only be able to make your own favorite clothes,
Corrects the body type, also me greatly changed even impression.
Man in classic suit
In addition, we deal with casual clothes off-the-shelf products and accessories such as a wide range of other than suits in our shop.

Commodity, including made-to-order and ready-made,
We have gotten very popular from your Hanoi foreign residents, such as Japanese and Westerners.

Also, toward your short stay that has been visited Hanoi in your travel,
Overseas We also offer shipping.
Please feel free to tell us is when you wish.

If you can help is even a little to enrich the lives of everyone
There is no so much happy thing.

We will look forward to your visit from staff one concentric.

■ Products ■
Suit, shirt, vest, coat, jacket, pants, shorts,
Tie, Ascot Thailand, Nittotai, Bow Tie, chief, cufflinks, belts, glasses,
Hat, gloves, scarf, stoles, bags, shoes, sandals, socks, T-shirts, tank tops, underwear,
Knit, cardigan, wallets, leather, down

■ Hanoi, Vietnam bespoke suit shop
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