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We have been colder with each passing day.
Will it have not been drawn, such as cold everyone.

Where I gave winter clothes because it's getting cold,
I do not wear wrinkled immediately. . .
Will it do not have such experience.

At that time, I can not put out the cleaning, ironing, depending on how
It would not be the easy at home.

We will teach you "How can ironing at home" today.

[Press of the jacket]
The jacket is a full-fledged press hard, elbow and back and easy-with wrinkles,
You can look just amazingly beautiful part of the press around the lapel.
Do not forget the cloth so as not to damage the fabrics shine!

I will shed along the flow of the fabric from the back wrinkles is easy when you sit down first one stopped..
In full bloom open before returning in Table 2., Then press from the back with one hand while I pull interlining
3 Close the previous best time., The press arm.
I try not to crush the seam on the outside of the sleeve at this time.
I pressed the four previous best time.. Let's apply the iron along the flow of the fabric.
Pressed from behind the collar 5.. To press with one hand while pulling the interlining is a knack
I trimmed the shape of the lapel to the heat and humidity of 6. Ironing does not disappear.
Wrap will make the bulge in the middle of the collar on the collar and the bottom 7..

[Press of pants]
Pants is a small step is necessary.
The point here is, and decide and whack the center line,
Correct the deformity in the heat and humidity while ironing, fixing the shape of the ideal line and silhouette
You can finish it pretty reasonably follow a procedure.

I pressed from lining to prepare the curve 1. Waist.
Prepare the lining of the two. Fastener will strengthen press from top to bottom.
Repeat for the other side of the zipper part.
I trim the waist line of three that were open..
All chuck out from behind 4. Pocket.
I fit in the center of the seam from the hem 5..
Let's pull the hem and inseam 6..
Prepare the hip from 7 inseam., I bet the press along the line.
Pressed as well 8. Front line.
We will press the top half from the bottom to the top of the seam in the center 9..
I pressed the center line to finish 10.. While checking the place I put the press.
※ Let's do the other side as well 5-10.

Press [Shirt]
The trick to finish the clean shirt, a surface that is made in a three-dimensional,
I pressed that finely divided according to the cut.
Rather than put a plane, I will finish a three-dimensional image in the press.

First of all I do from the cuff of the left and right one..
I do so only from the back pressed against the press.
Two sleeves. Will continue to press the center so as not to consciously put a wrinkle in the line of the shoulder.
Finished in a three-dimensional by doing so.
I pressed the three previous best time..
Around the button works well and use the tip of the iron.
I pressed back in full bloom 4.. At this time, press the pleats and gathers avoid
Best time to see the seam of the collar and the previous five., You press while pressing the tip of the iron as shown in the picture
Around 6. York sterically or suppliers utilizing the four corners of the ironing board, you can rotate the dough
7 side easy to drop in part. Wrinkles, smooth increase and multiply on the sleeve.
Last eight. Has collar. Let's press in from the outside toward the backside.

I can not look at just ironed worked wonders in the process described above.
It might be a little hard at first, you get used to it is as easy as 1-2-3!

Please try your means.

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