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Hi there
I think it's not many people that live New Year's Eve, already a well paid job, are relaxing at home.

I myself feel a little Samishiku because you are not expected to return home with family and friends living in Japan has become especially by telephone greeting. . . Lol

Well, no time to feel the loneliness that! We had a lot of visits to customers from today morning (laughs).
I was very happy that what some people are woven, and please come visit our blog while you're in Japan!

Reside in us, and we always visit us in our shop here
I'm just really glad you call out "and have read" Blog from repeat customers,
I am filled with deep emotion and really think that there are people who notice our presence in Japan far!
It is especially you for your interest in Tailoring, if you can order.

Today was visiting some people who have a repeater visit us in our shop about a year ago.
I heard you were in Japan this year patronage suits made in our shop, I was very pleased!

You should become familiar with the body suit cover up cover up about
Suit that fits your body really is also get,
I guess that just because it Kudasa~tsu much patronage.

In fact, we tailored suits in our shop
We have gotten so practical and popular with many customers very durable
Customers never have ordered the suit order is still in our shop
I order to please consider this opportunity.

Bespoke Hanoi Vietnam
Jackets Shirts Pants Suits
Formal tuxedo casual
Small business bag
OEM production Please leave Tailort!

■ consultation order suits and shirts

"If you come to our shop Please leave order-order suit shirts in Vietnam!"

When I buy something and question order suit
Measurements, such as anxiety and how, please feel free to contact us.

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To customers who return to Japan

■ You can GET a free fabric samples in Japan.

Delivering free fabric samples to your home!
Measurements in stores Tailort, we have tailored suits, etc.
Data, so we have to let me keep it in a safe place
You just choose the fabric from Japan, it is possible to deliver it suits easily.

Omission for those who have claimed I can get free fabric samples,
Major gifts can measure easily in the original alone.

It has become unnecessary back. For the hand, please check the actual color and texture.
I will deliver for free shipping.

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□ Black Suit-Ya black suit shop

□ (order suit using fine Italian cloth Kanoniko) Suit-Ya Selection

□ order easily suit women Suit-Ya Lasarto

□ order to routinely Suit-Ya Shirt shirts

■ consultation order suits and shirts
When I buy something and question order suit
Measurements, such as anxiety and how, please feel free to contact us.

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