vibrancy of Vietnam

Hi there
I suspect today the sun is warm, and really, or winter.

Today customers who receive a belt and cut
Customers who receive your order, such as the tailored suit before
Most of the customers who visit seems to receive.

Because the store yesterday was crowded with customers who order,
I was able to prepare for passing by suit order firmly.

Customers who have I left a suit or shirt that you ordered in our shop yet,
I hope that I should take to shop ahead of time by the smell us.

Since the New Year I think, suits and shirts order tion of going with something
Please visit us.

Well, it is just a place to leave after this year, Vietnam is because it uses a lunar calendar,
How people and yet is not so much alacrity.

Lunar New Year in Vietnam that Tet New Year is itself the image of our
During the Tet is the shop closed, It is often returned to his hometown local people living in Hanoi.

However, the vibrancy of Vietnam before Tet that there is really a wonderful thing. Lol
That is more than enough heat felt or how the rich spend Tet,
It is so much fun to spend.

Hanoi before Tet is also busy shop.
Last year I was early days is to open our shop,
The store was filled with Vietnamese men stylish suits that will greet the new year with the Xinzhou.

Again, I think because the Vietnamese men grew up in southern.
Often To purchase a flashy suit color, pattern, fabric purchase at this time is not really fun in our way.

I'm sure it's the New Year in Vietnam is very luxurious vacation if you look for the local people.

■ consultation order suits and shirts

"If you come to our shop Please leave order-order suit shirts in Vietnam!"

When I buy something and question order suit
Measurements, such as anxiety and how, please feel free to contact us.

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To customers who return to Japan

■ You can GET a free fabric samples in Japan.

Delivering free fabric samples to your home!
Measurements in stores Tailort, we have tailored suits, etc.
Data, so we have to let me keep it in a safe place
You just choose the fabric from Japan, it is possible to deliver it suits easily.

Omission for those who have claimed I can get free fabric samples,
Major gifts can measure easily in the original alone.

It has become unnecessary back. For the hand, please check the actual color and texture.
I will deliver for free shipping.

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■ consultation order suits and shirts
When I buy something and question order suit
Measurements, such as anxiety and how, please feel free to contact us.

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