Smart suits

Hình ảnh: 本日はお客様のスーツをご紹介いたします。



Today, we would like to introduce suit to you.

And look at the pictures, as you can see already,
Features of suit of this place is lapel than anything!

From customers, the demand of the peaked lapel of about popping out from the shoulder
And I was allowed to sewing I have you.

Cloth, I use the Canonico you introduce the other day.
Pattern also suit the design pretty impressive and a bit big stripe
It's such, but many times you look again, I will be fascinated by the sharpness of the lapel.
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    ■ To the visitor who return to Japan
    I can GET a free fabric samples in Japan .

    Home to deliver a free fabric samples !
    Measurements in stores Tailort, I was allowed to tailor your suit , etc.
    Because we have been not lose the data
    Just you choose the fabric from Japan , the suit can deliver it easily .
Entitled to receive the one that had request a sample fabric free now ,
    Original major gift in one person even can measure easily .
    It becomes the return unnecessary . For a hand , please check the texture and hue fact .
     I send it with free shipping .

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