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It is a sudden, but you do the thing with the important role that represents the impression of that person 's smell.
 There are sweet fragrance, a refreshing fragrance, are different kinds.

Was told perfume and unsuitable for business also thing of the past.
 It has been noted as an item that can be appropriate self-assertion recently.

 I are happy to introduce the "Strategy for perfume" on business etiquette and perfume today!

 [Knowledge of perfume business man]

At a distance of about skin is not wet when you 1. Spray
"If the cause faintly fragrant, perfume apart in terms, not the point"
 It is just a good sense of distance when speaking about 20cm from the surface you want to put.
 Now it is said that ideally wears with the mist in the bad skin is like getting wet as a guide

It's clad 2. It from taking a shower
Even no matter how good scent, it is the smell ruined the precious body if Kusakere.
 It's use perfume First Cleanse the skin with a shower, and then reset the smell
 Special feature of the perfume will be exhibited by mingled with their own body temperature,
 You really messed up is if there is a bad smell.

The liquor trade "perfume to tie business cards and" 3.
 It is a delicate technique that was popular in the decade before.
 Perfume while the impression a smart try to do too much would be out in the business scene a business card
 Does not.
 So always try to give the bare skin basically.

4. Fragrance apart from the waist down
It is a principle perfume lot of alcohol minutes's wear from the bottom to the top.
 The back of the knee and hip in the business scene to be enough to leave a lingering,
 It is best to put around the lower part of the body such as the ankle.
 Please, try to location awareness to give than to worry about the amount.

The wet tissue when you think you have used too attached 5.
The important thing is I got too attached still "give place than the amount of perfume"
You can reduce the smell once you wipe with a wet tissue fragrance-free if called.

 Is it knowledge of how five on the perfume, the business scene.
 Please, try from tomorrow immediately the person that did not know!

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