Good evening.
Is Tailort.

Thank you for your visit to our customers of many today.
There was also drizzle, but I am pleased that my heart than was received for visiting during a bad your feet.

Whats more, not only coming to a store, inquiries by telephone or email today.
I think I am very glad for your interest in our store.

I think that if you can feel free to contact us anytime if you have any questions or anything!

Well, good usability, we will introduce a button-down blue shirt today!

Texture pattern of fine lace pattern is sporadically funny shirt of this,
It becomes the cloth is recommended for customers who want to acquire a difference with others in a business shirt unlike any other!
Because it becomes the fabric of the wildly popular Suit-Ya
I think if you can try a free sample you request it!

Well, towards the repeater is often in our store, I becomes the neck button-down this time.
In particular, the opportunity to wear the jacket is less hot in the summer of Hanoi,
Guest Open Collar with no tie to the button-down collar is seem to be many.

Button-down shirt I am useful quite such cases.
In addition, a refreshing light blue to give the impression of cool even in the summer - without any good impression mistake business destination in the office, such as the scene of entertainment!

Please try it by all means everyone.

■ consultation order suit shirts

"Please leave it to our store by all means if the order-order suit shirts in Vietnam!"

The question or something When buying a suit order
Measuring method and anxiety and, please feel free to contact us.

Consultation is here ↓

To the visitor who returned to Japan

■ I can GET a free fabric samples in Japan.

Your home to deliver a free fabric samples!
Measurement in stores Tailort, I was allowed to tailor a suit, etc.
Because we have been not lose the data
Simply you choose the fabric from Japan, suit can deliver it easily.

Been to the one that had request a sample fabric free now,
original major gift of one person even can measure easily.

It becomes the return unnecessary. For a hand, please check the texture and hue fact.
I will send it with free shipping.

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■ consultation order suit shirts
The question or something When buying a suit order
Measuring method and anxiety and, please feel free to contact us.

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