[Meeting coordinates with suppliers]

April, it is the season of Orders soon another.
When the Ready attire everyone, in the spring?

Such as road warriors who often work on,
Impression but it is good Apparel suit even if done with a whack to suit the season.

Those who are doing business or will there not be worried about, especially today,
You should change the coordinates meeting with "business partners, by the other party? Respect "
I will guide you.

[Meeting coordinates with suppliers]

Female boss or business partners, and work partner of synchronization of elderly,
Application is the key to success - deeper communique with the other party in the business.
Strategic coordinates that match the preferences of the other is also important in order to better impression of the opponent.

■ In the case of female boss
Let's make a V-zone soft feminine favorite argyle pattern.
Women soft taste in general.
And softness in argyle knit of pale eyes if the get quickly understand a woman boss
Let's produce a charming sense.
Sweetness will also be saved if in one tone with the Navy and Thailand suit.

■ In the case of elderly man
The game in the stability trad cans check shirt.
Large check rather thin of a traditional pattern that is familiar to elderly man
Let's take a share of solidly values ​​in this!
In addition, Thailand will put an accent stripe.
So be careful become like an old man and a little to the common sea bream in this.

■ In the case of the same age
A familiarity with knit Thailand in JP style.
Since there is also a shared sense if cans of the same age,
Found the combination of a casual little Jakepan + knit Thailand
I will be easy to take and communication.
Issuing the brightness difference of pants JK and also because the point,
Be careful so as not to similar colors.

In addition, Kodeneto that received all-around to the other party of the first meeting is the thing which I prepare it in blue.
You can give a good impression is refreshing.

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To the visitor who returned to Japan

■ I can GET a free fabric samples in Japan.

Your home to deliver a free fabric samples!
Measurement in stores Tailort, I was allowed to tailor a suit, etc.
Since we have been carefully storage data
Simply you choose the fabric from Japan, suit can deliver it easily.

Been to the one that had request a sample fabric free now,
original major gift of one person even can measure easily.

It becomes the return unnecessary. For a hand, please check the texture and hue fact.
I will send it with free shipping.

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