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It is also pleasant weather today.
Good luck this week.

In the Bespoke Tailor Tailort, you can put a stitch or button-up grade as an option to order a suit.
On the button, there is a button and shellfish, such as buffalo horn buttons.
Come out about the taste of these buttons you use it, so is characterized by natural materials.
If you order a suit much trouble, I'll want to stick up part is fine.

In addition, persons who are in Japanese order the suit order may not be very apparent, Some customers embroider the button holes of the sleeve of the suit.

Is the so-called dummy button hole.
Glance at the feeling it is a normal button hole, the hole is not open If you look closely.
There is playful, yet is fashionable!

I love this dummy cute personally.

Details can be to their liking in this way is to order a suit.
If you are interested, please try us.

We handle a lot of those points in a Bespoke Tailor Tailort.
Order is likely to suit you, but also accessories such as socks and shirt fabrics.
This is because many have a direct purchase.

Do not look well aligned with what a small point in the same way as order suit.

If you are interested, please try us.

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