Bespoke Tailor Tailort

Hello. This is Tomomi.

Today  has been damp and high humidity.But! Good luck without losing the heat!

The Bespoke Tailor Tailort has a new member of Japanese men have joined today! !
Will be cut in the land of Vietnam was the first step of human society he is the same as me.
Bespoke Tailor Tailort fellow is more on a daily basis!
Including yourself is fun, what to grow and how everyone now.He is in a suit came from Japan yesterday, probably because of humidity, the sweat was writing lazy.
When summer comes, we will hard to work...

When you wear a suit, it has a very good point to wear a well-ventilated shirt !
Spring-summer fabric of our shop, we well received, the satisfaction of many customers and have excellent ventilation,Of traffic jams in the blistering heat of Hanoi refreshing!
And, has received a lot of joy your voice.
Also, in order to spend comfortably off business scene or scenes of hot summer,It will be in stock, such as hemp or cloth for polo shirts, one after another and the futureOnce, please come to our means.

Well, today is expected to come to pick up the order has been tailoring suits many customers.Because it is your suit has been tailored with a commitment, our customers, of course, is also excited to pass on this side.Sometimes it is spring, or will it be a new purchase order, including the suit means turn over a new leaf.
I'll have you feeling and crispy wear something new addition to the suit.
Not only when wearing a new one I also, I will do my best to make things Nozomeru feeling of always crispy! !

We want to wear with a suit and who love us in tailoring the future Tailort the world!

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Bespoke Tailort Tailort
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