Today is hot with high humidity in the morning.
You are about to come to Vietnam for the first time approaching a summer.
It is suggested that you do not disturb the body pay attention to health management.

Today was the laundry was hoarding the weather was good.
It is better washing feeling even after time.
I love housework is No. 1 in the laundry.
Do you feel your heart will also beautiful and has been living surrounded by beautiful things.
Even Bespoke Tailor Taoilort, stores are encouraged to be clean at all times.
Bespoke Tailor Taoilort every morning starts with the cleaning.
The dirt in Vietnam because there are a lot of motorcycle dust badly, badly every day.
It begins with a day to clean it.
I do not want unpleasant will you visit us much trouble to our customers.
We would like to tailor your suit order in a pleasant environment.

If you go to work this morning to Bespoke Tailor Taoilort, construction of the garden which had been further progress.
But it can be a cafe, looking forward to what will happen is complete, so still do not know.
I think I enjoy more than ever customers Once you have a cafe.
Please look forward to come.
In, for example, the product is found that Come, I want to make clothes that has it in its entirety customers (existing clothes).

We also offer such in order Bespoke Tailor Taoilort.
Please contact us if you have a degree in size, etc. would like to ask this one more that you want to tailor your favorite clothes, because size is perfect.
Also, customers who want to have a jacket or pants yourself that, you will be able to use later.
Customers that want to fix the length of pants the other day was actually Please come to a store.
It is not only your order has been tailoring suits!
If you have your clothes and yourself that you need If you are interested, please by all means available.
We look forward to.

〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓 〓
Bespoke Tailort Tailort
~ Taylor ~ authentic Hanoi, Vietnam
ADD 5 Tay Ho, Tay Ho, Hanoi, Vietnam
TEL 0437191575
TEL 01205379033
MAIL tailort@suit-ya.com
MAP http://maps.google.com/maps/place?hl=ja&georestrict=input_srcid:c32349cacd6d119e
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