made by cotton100%


It is pleasant weather today.
Saying they were folded last Sun customers who visit us, and it may rain from around the week after next.
Why is pounding like what.

I took photos for the album this morning.

Completed in the clothes today, there was a shirt of one woman.
Fabric rather than bringing in customers, tailoring is a shirt let me put your shirt fabric Bespoke Tailor Tailort.

The collar is also firmly with sleeveless.
Have been painted white stripe of blue cloth, red button is used.
Shades of blue and red feel the summer, one was very cute.

In addition, the jacket which had been completed using the same cloth shirt.

Shirt because it was considered, was surprised to see if your clothes are tailored to make your speaking and using the cloth shirt.

Jacket and shirt fabric is used in particular was unexpected, fresh.

Will celebrate the season hot now, what is not you would like a pleasant stay hot even in summer if it is possible there wearing a jacket.

Because it is 100% cotton fabric is soft and comfortable feel great one.

Photos taken today is Bespoke Tailor Tailort store is, of course, you will be also posted on HP.

Please wait for the fun.

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