Today is cooler than usual.
Feeling the wind is good.

Have learned about the suit's examine recent term.
Is difficult and honest just unfamiliar word.
After studying before and learn, but I still different.
When taking photos for the album and when explaining to customers,
What should be described with an emphasis on where, I will somehow have been found.

The suit jacket was taken today, there were two types of lining and Senuki total.
Lining and the total is lining has been applied to the front.
Senuki and is a lining specification is disconnected from the middle of the back hem through.
Comparing the two, and thickness of the weight of the suit is quite different.
Jacket lining of the total, there are also weight heavily thick.
Senuki suit, I had become really thin finish, there is no sense of weight On the other hand.
I am surprised and what to change in the lining honest here.

Original specifications, lining the back of the suit is usually total.
What is the role of lining, extra wrinkles to suit to avoid friction with the shirt when wearing a suit
There can not put.
Therefore, the lining is attached to it, even the entire summer.

It is used Senuki, in the case that if a casual jacket, especially in tailoring your
Welcome to the course you will choose Senuki lining rather than in relation to the total heat
I can spend a good experience even if Senuki Hanoi hot summer.
It is assumed or to be worried about the heat and lining it gross, air permeability in the Bespoke Tailor Tailort
Please be assured fabrics are also available for a good summer.
Do not try it all means try the suit of Senuki only person who has the total backing.
If you are interested, please come visit us.

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