[Art & ironing how to wash luxury shirt]

Which had been bustling very customers who visited on the trip to Vietnam with the store.
I also let me stand in the store, the question that I received from the customer actually
It will be announced to everyone today.

[Art & ironing how to wash luxury shirt]

Texture of the delicate fabric, shell buttons with the thickness, sewing a three-dimensional ...
Luxury shirt common sense Hand wash with myself in order not to spoil such a charm!
The scold also ironing course. Stylish people about, are you doing it yourself!
I will introduce measures to stain taken from the trouble surrounding washing, have been turned on.

Q. What makes useless synthetic detergent?
A. I is said to affect the global environment and human body.
Synthetic detergent dirt is easy to fall freely soluble in water useful for automatic washing machine.
However, various components contained in the detergent may become a stimulus to sensitive human skin,
for example, affect the global environment in order to sewage is not easily broken down, it is the problem.

Q. Please tell me how the strongest stain removal.
A. Let's use an oxygen-based bleach and alkali wash.
Blemishes are three categories water-soluble, oil-soluble, insoluble.
When the stain with, need emergency treatment by both of them.
Let's deal with as soon as possible.
In the case of water-soluble stain, and a paste by mixing the oxygen-based bleach and alkaline wash
The thing was
I smeared stain part.
Do not rub.
Or steam iron, and warm the affected area by applying the above kettle, bleaching enzyme is activated
You can.

Q. I do not have the time to wash and iron your own hard work is busy
A. The day you do not to drink, let's go home as soon as I decide and laundry day.
Ensuring difficult time even for free.
Let alone those that, Nante spend time washing or would not be many.
The idea of ​​the laundry days to determine the day to give one's liver a rest once a week How about.
Night, the same effect as the shade can be obtained if I can air by washing, and it is dry in the morning of the next day
Great since,
You can put away as it is, it does not take the time to be ironed just before wear.

Q. White shirt, but I would yellowed even if I wash it carefully ...
A. To drop the soap component, sufficient citric acid and rinsing.
Cause of yellowing, soap scum that is attached to the remaining components of the sebum and sweat.
After washing with natural soap To prevent this, you should to neutralize the alkaline component with citric acid
The melt-in make-up and cleansing oil first, the fat that have coated the yellowing
I smeared the solution Toys oxygen-based bleaching agent sodium bicarbonate.
I can drop a yellow tint bleaching component is activated if heated in a steam kettle or steamer.

Q. Stain removal method in the case of the spur of the moment?
A. There is a comfort of mobile type.
Stain remover sheet types that you can carry is but is recommended,
I blotted the stain source of soy sauce and if there is a body powder antiperspirant and you see.

Q. Ironing does not improve very much ...
A. We'll use the "sleeve ten thousand".
Many of the iron voice is not hung well,
Thing not take well wrinkles.
It's easy if you ask in close contact with the dress sticking to the ironing board.
To take advantage of those who are using the plane table, sleeves and thousands become curved surface units partially may be used too.

How about.
Because it is a long-awaited high-quality shirt,
And I want to dress and Pashi~tsu be careful on how to do the laundry.

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