Navy tailored suit striped

Stripe pattern, but it is the item which is useful not be too flashy and not too quickly, mix-and-match Because I can.


And such a stripe pattern, I will introduce a suit of navy that it is easy to match any color this time.Slim that the effects can be expected, stripe pattern, can give the impression that was refreshing.In addition, without giving a heavy color image of this time because it is navy, I is worn stylishly!However, even the color that it is easy to match, and I think you suffer from what stripe pattern and whether you want to tie.

Is not it lonely somewhere that's tie to stand out too, that's not also ... then tie it tend to confused ... also.When such, as shown in the photograph, I recommend neckties, etc., of Ivory keynote that a pattern is casual with!
Than strong color, why can try a combination of (was plainly) refreshing difference is like traveling through color.This was a stripe pattern of the navy, but it might be good ♪ is coordinated in the same way in the stripe pattern of gray in the black
Please try! !

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