shorts seersucker

I would like to introduce everyone to the shorts seersucker today.

We suspect that it was apparent throughout the city and magazines, from wearing short pants seersucker?

Appearance of course, seersucker made in Italy is an essential item in the summer comfort is a refreshing feel well.

August has also coming to an end, but Hanoi but it is still hot.

As an item for even a little, to survive fun hot day, I recommend shorts seersucker.

Seersucker is often looks flashy by the color, but it ♪ It is very convenient because it able to dress well simple fact

Any color just get together, such as T-shirt of white, you can put together in stylish enough.
The direction of thought, taking one color the colors that are used in the fabric of seersucker, please try to put it together and want to enjoy a little more stylish.

For example, in the case of the blue and white in the photo, the T-shirt of white tops, blue system is also Ri if I wore and shirt navy I correctly, when I have you put accessories (such as hat), I will point.

It is a convenient item to be able to dress stylishly.
Please try.

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