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Hi there
Somehow, disturbing forecast typhoon that is approaching I have been flowing on weekends. . .

When you, you go out, but please be careful enough.

Well, contrary to such weather, so that we can renew the display of the cloth in our store,
♪ ♪ ♪ that I think you can greet you in the store that you have renewed the weekend

Cloth and you want to introduce to all of you,
Ready-to-wear because we have been substantial,
We think you can introduce to you without hesitation! ! !

Something short-sleeved shirt of linen that I was allowed to introduce the other day, so things are sold in stores in fact,
Please see it willingly.

Buttons because I am allowed to use the natural thing shell of high quality, it ♪ becomes the shirt where you can enjoy along with the texture of the linen

Now, from recently, and we have been display the hair core of our finest in the store.

Not make sense even is said to hair core. . .
Although I think such people also come many,
In our store, I like that it is easy to understand the difference between interlining
And we have been together for display Instructions.

There is a thing called core adhesion and hair core is divided into large interlining.
The first place and interlining, sew a dress material of the suit,
Intended to be kept free of dirt or the silhouette of the suit, to emphasize the style like men more.

There, and hair core with a horse hair, glue sticks to the surface, or in the core of the adhesive type stick interlining such as cotton,
And if there is still an important element whether it is a high-quality suit is determined.

In our store, we will use the hair core,
Kanoniko and Leda, Domeru, Zegna and Roropiana

■ consultation order suit shirts

If you order suit-order shirt in the "Vietnam
Please leave it to our store by all means! "

The question or something When buying a suit order
Measuring method and anxiety and, please feel free to contact us.

Consultation is here ↓

■ online sales http://www.suit-ya.com of Suit-Ya order suit

■ To the visitor who returned to Japan

I can GET a free fabric samples in Japan.

Your home to deliver a free fabric samples!
Measurement in stores Tailort, I was allowed to tailor a suit, etc.
Because we have been not lose the data
Simply you choose the fabric from Japan, suit can deliver it easily.

Been to the one that had request a sample fabric free now,
original major gift of one person even can measure easily.

It becomes the return unnecessary. For a hand, please check the texture and hue fact.
I will send it with free shipping.

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