White shirt made-to-order


Today, I will introduce a shirt that feelings of made-to-order only entered.

White shirt is refreshing, because it matches any color, width of the tie selection is not it spreads first.

When I liken a shirt to introduce this time, you will be able to match any color basically.
However, there is a little shiny in color chic button to light such as tie light blue base
Do you or afford to try selected the color well.

By the instant from the back of the tie of pale colors, buttons chic looks, attention is emphasized, is not it gives a stylish impression!

Then, push one point of this time, embroidery of initial name!


The shirt of this, embroidery of initials are in the area of ​​the arm.
Of course when the only shirt, your name I'd be doing in the time that I took off the jacket,Attachment to the clothes I think you boil strongly!
Of course, it is possible to put your initials, name embroidery to any suit.
When dressed in shirt-suit along with a figure of your own,
and there is a special one also something in there, joy ♪
I think you increaseBy all means, please be in shape feelings!
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