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Although it is bread jacket style you let me guide you to everyone,
We favorable reception from customers who had you prepare it
We have received many inquiries about the combination.

This fabric is not it will come in handy Jakepan to dress well especially casual.

 I will guide you with respect to [How wearing jacket style bread] today.

Who wore a suit to serious Q. now, good when I wear the first Jakepan
I entered from the monotone system with the ease of transition from suit avoidance and quality of being A. father.
It is gray pants in navy jacket Speaking of classic Jakepan, but look old
To worry about.
Also, better to put together in a monotone without making a tele color dare if Jakepan for the first time
 Should that it is easy to challenge without.
 In conclusion, let's start may use a black jacket with the familiar, even if it is turned off.

I want to mix-and-match the jacket Q. suit, but it does not work.
A. What is important is the choice of jacket. Please assess the length and material.
I is easy to mix-and-match for length of the hips may appear like half jacket separately.
 Only there is a sense of tension and slight luster, compatibility with a wide range of pants is better.

Q. this season, shoes to adapt to Jakepan it?
Slip-on trend this season A. is the most influential Jakepan shoes.
 Such as color and shape and material, this season is slip-on banner year,
And I make it a moderate feeling of missing the feet of Jakepan.

Select tie Q. Jakepan like it?
I fits reasonably well checks and Nittotai degree of difficulty is high in A. suit!
 Check and Thailand Nittotai Reflections in casual at first glance, the
It is hard to fit readily suit style which I assumed a dust.
If bread jacket style with the feeling somewhat missing, match without sense of incongruity tie the two

Clock that can be used in casual business in Q. Which size?
Criteria of size looks elegant, rhino fits in shirt sleeves when wearing a suit A.
 's Is.
You can plus the impression of sporty and fit to the sleeve Some 42 mm.

Than Q. denim + jacket, and a casual look good in the office while a little more break
 Like Te
If it is loose style somewhat A., you gathered article is good if you add a knit.
When it is less demanding of the company dress code, and wearing it loose from denim jacket +
Tend to go in a direction more and more scruffy.
The addition of a knitted, cleanliness and elegance enters the hand and fits nicely with the office
You will be wearing.

 Above, how about.
Add color, good sensitivity up mistake and also change the image!
 Please, try it.

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■ To the visitor who returned to Japan

I can GET a free fabric samples in Japan.

Your home to deliver a free fabric samples!
Measurement in stores Tailort, I was allowed to tailor a suit, etc.
Because we have been not lose the data
Simply you choose the fabric from Japan, suit can deliver it easily.

Been to the one that had request a sample fabric free now,
original major gift of one person even can measure easily.

It becomes the return unnecessary. For a hand, please check the texture and hue fact.
I will send it with free shipping.

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