[Cloth until you]

Ladies and gentlemen, this year's Obon Why spend?
It is a rush to fall quickly Obon is over.

Although I think Japan is still hot,
I want to go also started preparing for autumn.

Well, I will guide the most important thing about the "cloth" in a suit today.
Would not be many people that actually did not know?
Please, try to reference all means.

[Cloth until you]
Thing ... it greatly affects quality of the suit is the cloth.
Because it is a factor that takes a large area in the suit,
It affects all and durability comfort, and appearance.
I will introduce more deeply about the fabric here.

In color and pattern type, style and look, for example, characteristics of the suit to say that cloth in a word,
Since a major impact on different parts,
I should have a solid understanding of the basics of cloth is important.

<Let's try to remember first the basics of fabric>

■ dough until
I can take the wool first ①.
Animal hair fiber which has been used is loved most as a raw material for cloth is wool.
It is said to have about 3,000 sheep as a raw material,
It is "Merino", "Crossbred seed", "Other" and roughly divided into.
"Merino" is often used in the yard goods especially.

Preparation of ② thread
You dyed the color of the fabric is woven yarn made by the wool.
Then, to create a two-ply yarn twisted together two single yarns, it is used to through and weft.

I weave the cloth ③
I will devote myself to the weft warp in the loom.
In order to keep the quality in a high-level weaving factory,
It reduces the tension at a reduced speed of the loom.

Wash ④
To give a natural hue, also plant to use the wooden washing machine today.
A soft feel that is multiplied by the hand dare, use a large amount of water with soap and old-fashioned.

Causes ⑤ dry
The dough for washing, raised the strength shrink the tissue,
The fix the tissue by drying this time, it causes uniform width.
The mowing the fluff on the surface and then to stabilize the cloth.

⑥ completion
Perform this task, called the paper press cloth in a high-level,
I will give you a waist luster and even cloth.
The finished cloth at the end are stored in the warehouse and humidity of the air temperature was kept constant,
It's in a state of waiting for the shipment.

[Cloth until there is] more than Why?
Please, try to be helpful at the time of purchase future suit.

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