[ The clothing , communication ]

Hi there! This is a personal stylist Kumagai .
When choosing clothes to wear every day , do you choose to think of what ?
Do you have chosen only in terms of such things, their favorite .

Guise , has a side to be with the person you want to face the " communication tool " .
This means that clothing will always be able to convey the feelings and respect for the other party even without any spoken .

For example, if you say a place of business , Have you started doing already there may be many , but the good offices a nice time , such as business meetings or presentations , or the tie of corporate color of the customer , and that , will point to the chief persons who are too comes.
It may be a small thing , but the partner will be received in a very happy feeling its consideration kit.
Partner noticed me not even talked about anything , it should develop into a good Kominyukeshon .

In addition, we offer much promise in also a risk that we could develop into bad Kominyukeshon .
It is an extreme example , but what feel For example, when an appointment with our valued customers , if the peer appeared in jersey .
Honestly , what this person would have in mind ? You should they feel you will think and suspicious , and that it , or not than do not think it's important partner yourself .
Without a jersey , if the other party has emerged shirt tired , wrinkled jacket , with dirty shoes , you could get a askance from before speaking .

Well , it seems some people you started to think in isolation appearance is not seen in relation to what can work , but in fact , I'm tied closely as this .

From the moment I met , for better or worse Kominyukeshon has begun .
Myself even though I cherish partner how much , and when I have a dress that is not respecting that of the other , communication is not desired at all you would start .
It's feel would be very wasteful it .
Therefore , when considering the clothing , it is considered that the person you meet , the situ
Please try a habit .

Surely , you should come on behalf of the clothing of the other thought is not a self-satisfaction .
And , things will also lead to good results .

And we have been advice which valued that you respect that of the other in this way .

Feel free by all means , please hope you'llcome to experience the personal styling .
Since we have been getting colder , it also offer warm beverages , we have staff waiting .

Personal stylist
Kumagai Maiko

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