Staff Introduction③

Merry Christmas!! ! ! Holy night of Christmas Eve , what everyone how spend .
It is Kumagai of Tailort personal stylist .
I'm sorry to have kept you waiting ! Today is a Staff third stage .

And to appear this time ,
( is the company that operates Tailort and ordercompany) ordercompany director
It is the introduction of Miho Sugimoto ( from Hokkaido ) .

While young , and she 's super- firm
While many had their work , and that the whole prospect management
Has been entrusted with the important position , it is existence necessary for the company .

Also, loved the bike and suit ,
Who understands the feelings of men , it is a valuable women .

She pants suit is every day
Because there is not so many that stand in the shop ,
It is in times quite rare today !
Do not miss ! ! !

In an interview start right away ! ! !

Q1: favorite food
( Noodles curled ) Hokkaido Ramen : A

→ she loves local Hokkaido , I came in pushing Hokkaido ramen !
I feel the local love . Dosanko ! ! ! ! !

Gesture of favorite male : Q2
Back figure of Japanese people walking in a foreign land : A

→ this answer , what would be the beginning ? And I thought , but a smile ,
First of all people who are riding the bike because there are many in Hanoi
It is said to relieved to see him that people who are walking down the street is small and walking .
In addition, back figure of Japanese and make me feel the peace .
Na , I feel that it can be understood somehow also I will ! Lol

Q3: fashion favorite men ?
A: jacket style

→ I like suit indeed!
If you wear a jacket , I feel that a man will go up !
Will it because they are stressed like men , the line of the shoulders and chest .

Q4: charm of Hanoi , the favorite place
A: Old Town . People and the town also I'm alive ! I like the place where I feel I can .

→ I'm really alive ! I feel I will .
Without restful , you're gonna continue to grow rapidly from now
I guess ! ! I think a city Naa future is bright !

The word message to everyone : Q5!
A: Merry Christmas! !

→ its very simple message!!!
Merry Christmas! !
Merry Christmas quite in Japan ! To the shop and say hello to
It was not , but where the greeting is exchanged natural in Hanoi
I felt Naa nice !

Is regret , but the interview is over .
If you see Sugimoto in the shop , but please try to call out by all means .

And gifts and everyone , of exchanging gifts for , gift to give him , she has not decided yet ! !
What should I do ! ! Do not have troubled and so on ?
In Tailort, muffler , stoles , gloves , hat , wallet , key ring , book cover , pouch ,
Socks , cufflinks , tie , pocket handkerchief , glasses case , passport case
We are looking forward to Stocks many items perfect for gift ... and so on .
Jewel " gift certificate for custom-made clothes ."
In particular , gift certificate for custom-made clothes of the shirt is recommended in terms of price , and that is an item which it is easy to feel free gift .
Products from entering the hand finally , of course, can also present process to make it , it is a chic gift .

Also , it's try to incorporate the Christmas feeling for the clothing of their own it is also nice .
It is a gift to the person you meet .
I also direct a Christmas feeling white pants and stall of Christmas color today .
You are able to offer as well as a red scarf and sweater ,
It is recommended to enjoy the fashion , as a spice that enjoyment of the other party .

Currently, I am allowed to 10% off from your purchase amount per Member's Christmas SPECIAL sale holding what
Available to you . Just up, it does now ! It is the ( old ? ! )
We look forward to staff feeling to seeing all of you.

And ! I carry out for free Now is also personal styling my .
I hope you'llcome please feel free to contact us!

Do not take yourself towards the next year , to know the flavor of their own , I want to be taking advantage of it .
And , let's cut the start of a wonderful 2014 !

I Please spend a romantic night in at .
Shinchao & Merry Christmas ! ! !

Consultation here ↓

■ online sales http://www.suit-ya.com of Suit-Ya order suit

■ To the visitor who return to Japan
I can GET a free fabric samples in Japan .

Home to deliver a free fabric samples !
Measurements in stores Tailort, I was allowed to tailor your suit , etc.
Because we have been not lose the data
Just you choose the fabric from Japan , the suit can deliver it easily .

Entitled to receive the one that had request a sample fabric free now ,
Original major gift in one person even can measure easily .
It becomes the return unnecessary . For a hand , please check the texture and hue fact .
I send it with free shipping .

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