Thank you for one year ! !

Good evening ! New Year's Eve , how about you? Spend .
It is Kumagai of Tailort personal stylist .
Hanoi , unlike the mood of the end of Japan
We are facing a night you do not change much from the usual !

Well . It becomes the last today this year
I come to shop lot of customers this year ,
We have a sewing such as suits and jackets of many people .

That you who have asked us to tailor precious clothes and shoes to Tailort, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart .

Next year , I was snuggled up in the lives of our further
To be able to provide clothes and shoes , we will continue to devote myself .

And , one month passed since but since I came here ,
Through personal styling
I was able to meet with a nice lot of customers .
Suit you and suggests it can be to speak slowly and carefully is just fit
The moment that guests are happy , I'm happy above all time .
Thank you for meeting with you. Thank you so much!!!

Next year , and for everyone is taking advantage of the quality of oneself , to become your own you would like further
I am happy if we help .
Personal styling service and my , now one month after place to leave .
Please come to feel free to contact us by all means everyone !

Thank you very much again next year !

And ! I'm glad further notice .
The made-to-order fabric coated with a coat of our
To the customer who is ordered , and we have been offer sewing at 20% off until January 5 .
Want to sewing the Court, his size at this opportunity .
I Please feel free also here!

It becomes the last
Tailort I have a day off one day only tomorrow .
We will be open as usual from January 2 .

Next year , so we have to welcome our staff ,
Thank you very much !

At valuable piece that we representative Tanaka also is reflected ,
It should be the greeting of last year .
Thank you very much again next year !

And , we will move to Ameba blog here from now on! !
We apologize for the trouble , and then switching to thank the following links to bookmark ! !

The Yoiotoshiwo in in ! Shinchao ! ! !