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How to make custom-made suit for the first time, we recommend the fitting system.

And fitting, the state was fastened with a basting the parts of the suit.
To fit the more your body, try on a suit that had a fitting, since it is possible to make correction
It is recommended that you try to complete once before.

Is fitting because it requires technology and time, at Our shop will charge the 990.000VND as options.
Come here and many, would like customers to be fitted for even paying an additional fee.
So and you can make a more precise tailoring that you an additional fee,
You may be able to tailor a suit became familiar with the body at once.

Made to order, but are becoming mainstream in Japan,
If you do not and I think in the baste, and be ready to feel the burden and fairly.

In particular, because there is no need to re-up your tailoring
Are kept or remain a beautiful silhouette of the suit,
What is different so I must be comfortable fit and freedom of movement, such as
Is recommended by all means.

Want to enjoy the tailoring of your suit more formal order,
Because it makes a suit made to order or for the first time,
Way that you want to manufacture slowly and carefully over time,
We recommend to make a suit in the fitting order.

For those who want to order easily summarized here is useful site that sells Internet.

Japan is, of course, it's also possible to do so we overseas shipment
We can deliver the suits and shirts where they are in the world.

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Please use it also to come here.

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