Every day and I feel really important.

If you feel you have become hot once, followed by a still cold day, is the weird weather in Hanoi.
What do physical condition is not broken down?

Ever-changing season in Hanoi, I think things that affect life Yappari wear.
A cold day, hot day dressed cool, and warm clothes.

But which is perfectly normal, and weather changes and Korokoro way,
I'll be looking for clothes is difficult from quite wardrobe, decide the clothes of the day.
In Hanoi round and round and easy to change, I want to wear that dress to wear when you want the weather,
Every day and I feel really important.

Customers who order yesterday that half-pants of linen and hemp,
What can be purchased also wearing a suit made of thick wool, saying from today also from the cold
It is not uncommon.

How to become a servant in a business suit, especially the subtle differences in material fabric
Whether it has changed come spend a comfortable wearing
I'll select the fabric is especially important.

In our shop, such as subtle differences in fabric is known, thick, thin, close-woven fabric,
Stocks, such as rough fabric, the fabric of many.
On your own to help ensure that your fabric and tailoring satisfactory
Because it will firmly advise staff
Please be assured I.

Cotton shirt on a cold day in three-piece wool suit,
A hot day, such as cotton polyester shirt to suit a little,
As coordination can respond flexibly to a variety of seasonal change is completed, we will firmly support.

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