In our shop,

In our shop, the notion of lining options and option buttons will change,
Only button on the option button, you can now also called How to choose, the only option lining lining.

Until now was We will set the additional cost, along with all of its lining is also a button
Was set in response to many customer requests, so you can order separately.

Because the spread is wide enough to customize the buttons and lining to your liking,
You can now feel free to order high-quality buttons and lining.

Because this system was very well received,
Most customers have been visiting on Saturday and Sunday of last week
Order has been lining and buttons, and stitching.

Button that offers high quality in our shop
The only thing a president has been bought out from various places overseas
If you are using it to order exactly the same thing in Japan and other countries
I think I have become most difficult.

Also, for lining, but we provide our cupra lining
Here you can has become a very valuable kind has not been produced only in Japan anymore.
Of fine touch like silk being used around the world to suit
Cupro lining is, of course also for business and formal
Can also be matched to a casual jacket,
We are loved and lining to suit many fans.

Cupra lining are available in our shop,
And so we become lasts
Please order early your not.

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