Hemp and linen material that we recently purchased was well received a number of our customers.
Although I was allowed until now tailoring jackets and shorts, and dresses, to a lot of people,
None will be a nice finish, was also satisfied large customers.

Among them, cotton jacket is thin, light, supple well received must be comfortable,
To wear here in Vietnam has become fashionable jacket perfect.
For outstanding, it feels very familiar with the skin permeability also!

Please visit us is when I try by all means because there wore put the sample in the store.
You should find a favorite fabric surely have been prepared so many different types of colors and patterns!
Once, and texture of the fabric actually come to our shop to the world
Please try to try on a variety of jackets, suits.

I think to make a suit stuck to every detail, and surely satisfy!

Starting today, I expect rookie comes into the office and one after another.
Increasingly more and more people also store workshop, it has become more and more lively.

I also could not be if no one until now, now is the challenge of more and more new things, and hopefully even a little reduction to customers.

Now plans to build a cafe in the garden of our shop is in progress.
We hope you can offer so snacks and drinks easy, everyone come,
Please, I look forward to.

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