Location of our shop, TayHo Street here is not only found in VietnamMany people living abroad who has lived in, there is a very dense community.

Until now, Europe, America, of course, China and the Middle East, and Southeast AsiaPlease visit us for persons from various regions, has been a lot of tailoring a suit.

To talk with various people age, nationality is also fun,We enjoy a very good opportunity to let a non-suit also learn every day.
Well, everyone coming might be a way t
hat is not quite familiar with from all over the world suchIn our shop, We will adopt the method of its own order that the semi-full order.

Semi-image and a full order of about the middle of the pattern and order full order,Like you to tick the full order system. Can change the various points of the pattern,We will finish to wear a combination of an original pattern and detail-rich,You can extend the range of compensation by this figure.

This has started the "basting" The shop is in response to customer requests and many more.To fit the body of each of your customers a variety of well-integrated and age,Can you try the "fitting"Will be completed after the precision of size increases, more fine-tuning is applied.Here, I not long after the first such serviceHas received a reservation of a number of very fitting to our customers.

Our shop is of course it is not a reservation,How will customers come to be fitted for a specified timeSo many, and the time you notify us in advance visitVery helpful.Want to eliminate the hassle of re-tail,And want to make the body adapt to suit moreSo we become your perfect service and you have a requestPlease try not fitting into this opportunity!

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