Bespoke Tailort Tailort

We stock NEW from the dough in succession today.

I lined up on the shelves today is a new fabric of hemp fabric,
Linen fabric, khaki fabric and so on.

Imported products and our staff can recommend have bought any from abroad, the confidence
Has become! ! !

You can make a jacket.
You  can make a dress.
Spread rapidly because the width of the tailoring,
Is also really fun as long as side to offer.

Today morning was covered with fog, garden shop is a strange kind of atmosphere we were drifting.

Garden of our weekend is a little bit of fun party, such as small space with a cup of drink,
A surface enveloped in mist, had become the scene in the woods like a small United Kingdom somehow. Lol

Interior and exterior of our shop have been designed to tailor the motif of the United Kingdom.
I would like from the space's sophisticated taste just like home UK,
Has created a space stuck to those of brick and wood and natural materials.

To customers is good, I have a thing to be praised, and it's nicely decorated,
Will be very happy feeling every time you enjoy voice over!

If you say go up without such a wonderful tailoring a suit in this space! And
When I can say is we have really impressed.

All guests are visiting to our shop
To help you get the feeling, I believe
Staff is happy to help firm the guise of our customers.

Please feel free to visit us not us.

Bespoke Tailort Tailort
~ Taylor ~ authentic Hanoi, Vietnam
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