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You would like back with a suit of our shop is that I'm really happy,
Wear after going back to Japan! And serving to say, you will feel very proud!

Because it is tailored to suit your tail fit close to the body much trouble,
Data tailoring as our shop customers'
So you can feel free to order over the Internet will be a carefully preserved, is to go back to Japan from
Please be assured not.

The following is a tailor-made suit our site has been operated for Japanese customers.

■ order suit online sales of Suit-Ya
■ Brand Nico Cano Resso ー upscale Italian Suit-Ya Selection
■ Black Suit-Ya Black suit shop
■ shop Suit-Ya La `sarto Women's suit order
■ online sales of Suit-Ya Shirt shirt order
■ online sales of Suit-Ya Recruit Recruit suit
■ online sales order suit Suit-Ya mobi

Also, to let you know that the sample be sent to your home in Japan
Please be assured that we not become possible, of course.

Tailoring data, so we have been carefully preserved
Tailoring has become possible, even if it is possible to Japan sending an e-mail this!

Please use it all means.

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