Today, guests have been visiting the center from Europe.
 Guests is still the home of their own brand of suits from Italy
 Your eye is it to remain in the fabric Kanoniko, such as the nature and characteristics of the fabric, we had quite a lot of inquiries.

 Kanoniko fabric has become a thing of the superlative, even in the fabric shop that handles,
 Arrangements such as doeskin fabric is also available to other, some put the stock in store,
 Dough will be the only brand as Kanoniko dough.

 Recommendations called Blue and Navy and our Navy,
 Will intertissued of the warp and weft of navy blue, to simple plain fabric.

 Also formal here, also business
 Has become very popular to casual fabrics,
 Have very many customers who purchase up to now, we're looking fabric and satisfaction.

 Is characterized by deep blue, navy blue reminiscent of the sea, such as mild, making it a unique texture of the fabric to be loved regardless of nationality.

 Kanoniko fabric such as because there is many kinds of checks and stripes in addition to Navy Blue
 I think once, and if it is possible to feel good also to seeing, and touch the world in stores!

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