little light rain

Today was a little light rain falling and
There is also that weekend, the shop was always full condition by the customer.

And the unveiling of a new fabric, a cloth shirt of one point, from yesterday tumbler,
I saw many store-by-cuffs, calculators, watches, etc., new products,
New shirt fabric is especially well look very colorful,
Was a lot of our customers satisfied!

We more than doubled the usual weekend also order,
Is very welcome as long as.

This season, the suit of children and parents according to the entrance ceremony and graduation ceremony
Although many, such as order, to tailoring,
There is a request the other day was like wanting to copy the formal dress of the woman thing.

But It is one of frequently asked questions in our shop,
Also available because of what women in one-piece suits and Tailort
Means, but please feel free to tell us.

Those pants waist and women up to now in Court,
Such as shirts and suits, so I was allowed to tailoring a wide range of
Please be assured not.

Also formal dresses and skirts for the graduation ceremony for the presentation of children
I was allowed the tailoring.

Put to the store early sample of women, to everyone
We hope to show you.

Today is expected to linen or hemp fabric material is arranged in the store! To enjoy!

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