Please try tailoring it all means in our shop.

Falls of light rain in Hanoi, you are continuing a humid day.
Customers also be visits to our materials, hemp or cotton wool and cashmere rather than
You get your suit tailored pants and we have been increasing.

And wear a suit was in the tailoring shop, comfortable light is
And adapt to the skin, we have a lot of well received by customers.

The shop is of course that stick to the fabric, lining and interlining, shoulder pads as well as secondary materials is
Because of the use made of all high-quality Japan
Rise to fine tailoring of the suit will have confidence.

If you have ever been a once in a tailoring shop, and smooth feel of the fabric
Do you think understands the goodness of the comfortable and easy.

Please try tailoring it all means in our shop.

In addition, Our shop is made of lining or replacement, and replacement, such as yourself that existing suit Insect Shinji, of the button.
Once I have sorely wearing suits favorite for many years,
Please come to our shop than you have. If you wish I will correspond by the re-organization.
It is a very delicate suit ached,
Skilled staff dedicated delicate re-tail will respond.

In addition, if you tailoring your suit once in our shop, wherever you go overseas
It has become possible tailoring, this is delivered in an e-mail
Please try it too.

If your living in Japan, making it possible for free delivery of the fabric sample.
I think that you also try online sales order suit of the world.

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