Arrived one after another with a new fabric from today, the shop was more comprehensive
 Became assortment.

 Business and miscellaneous goods and goods for men some playful

 Small to make me feel a little rich for everyday life, of course,
 Spring-Summer season is matching fabric, making it to the store to enjoy more and more customers enjoy shopping!

 Was also redesigned interior and carry on this occasion, you can show off in front new Tailort for the weekend

 Also because more and more types of patterned tie, the quality is up, is worth a look

 Please come and play in the world you Tailort

 Today during a full of light rain, Mr. regulars came into play

 Heard the information of new products and entering,
And that came to choose the shirt cuffs that are tailored to suit you the other day.

For this customer, also wearing suits and pants, spare what already
We ordered, it is not enough to remember the size of the cutter body of our customers of our shop!

Recently, we have also increased opportunities for a growing number of customers, and customers to interact directly with the cutter.
Cutter also build up in the studio always leave,

Recently, various customers and want to talk more
Is to practice your English every day.

This weekend, you can have any conversation with the customer,
I am so excited!

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