NEW flyer we finished!

NEW flyer we finished!

I think out of the city now, as they are about to go more and more distributed.
Flyer is always, our staff has created the original one.

This flyer will be the announcement of stock fabric Spring & Summer.

You might not even If you have ever seen until now in the city of our flyers.
So work can meet handing out flyers, and found many shops, is one of the very pleasant work.
Is fun of course also consider the design and layout work,
Cafes and restaurants, in the hope that it will put flyers everywhere in Hanoi actually finished
Is it going to ask you very nervous,
Since most stores are willing to put us, you will feel very happy.

When it first opened I made a flyer NEW OPEN,
We remember when it went around handing out is received with a smile that gave me all the people who get.

Gotten over the voice I can say I Tailor, and, always going from
Welcome you to visit a lot of customers who really!

But that was by chance on the street who, me remember that our shop
I really enjoy coming, was a series of first impression.

It has been a tailoring fabric of our new spring and summer a lot of customers already
Shorts are especially popular! ! !

Fabric of natural materials such as hemp and linen is well-ventilated gently on the skin it is most popular among others.

Before we become out of stock or backordered, once by all means, and if it is possible to come to see the actual fabric.

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