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There is also a new fabric in stock that is packed with more shortly,We also sent a fast-paced day-to-day workshop recently also store or office.

Everyone, spring and summer, do you want to wear a suit of any pattern in the fabric like?

The shop is will I have been planning to stock-based navy stripe fabric,I like so it was great to become a tie of pastel colors of spring system, as well as light gray and gray glen check.

Every time we go to buy, if you purchase anything from a lot of doughAnd would be happy to enjoy, think they are just like a kid in a candy store.

Today, customers who want to copy the size of the shirt for your husbandPlease visit us, we received the order in the fabric of 100% cotton!

Shirt fabric of our shop, we bought from famous Thai cotton in the production of high quality.
And synthetic fibers into cloth, because the smoothness of the skin and is also completely different,Is very popular and enjoy your comfortable feeling that familiar skin.

Thailand is one of the largest producing area of ​​world-class quality cotton.We produce a shirt dress or purchases large amounts of cotton apparel leading manufacturer.

100% cotton fabrics such Thailand, you can let your shirt tailoring of comfort that just fits the body also in our shop.

Deals on fairly high-quality shirts to more than 10,000 yen in Japan and to purchase, I enter the hand at this price,Tailor-made for the first time! Customers who also, I think I tried a great opportunity and an easy price!

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