Some customers have and want to make a wedding dress itself,
Sun was a very fun you have to work.

If this option to work, meet so many customers regardless of residents, visitors
Every day is very fresh, no one demands the same as
I'm very excited to meet each customer's request.

Before coming to Hanoi, I was studying art at school,
It speaks of shyness is and then you are not good, really
Now, as far as you are tailoring counseling and advice can not be compared
Was very shy. . .
The power of change is incredible. Lol

Business travelers will be our child
Since there are more ideas, talking to the people is vividly, that you are still imposing,
Will be very helpful to work even on the tail.

Sticking to the stronger because there are more to have a sense of confidence in yourself to still dressed
There is no hesitation is also about when deciding the design of the suit, if you are also good at detail of design of the suit, I have got more allowed to study.

Deep knowledge of the suit is very interesting if the back is more about increasing,
Unlike the painful study so fun to learn, there are a lot to absorb every day.

Future customers in Japan is not only
I think learning any language, and if it is possible to help you in tailoring of you!

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