Fabrics and imported goods has arrived

Today, our staff has been purchased from abroad last Sun

 Fabrics and imported goods has arrived in stores in large quantities.

On weekends, so we become and will be able to show off in front of the new fabrics and items you

To enjoy!

Today during a full of light rain, we had a lot of customers coming to.

Recently, Mr. APT Travel through the travel agency, I have been also focus on promoting

So many customers that visit to say it was also its effect, every day. "I saw the ad",

We're glad staff.

Shop, in addition to store sales, we have a business trip measurements.

Customers are not living in Hanoi, that is, for travelers and those coming on business,

To disturb you to hotels and other accommodation, measurements and fabric selection, specification, etc. Select

I would like to ask you all the necessary items for tailoring, suit or deliver completed when the

We have been and overseas shipment.

To customers who do not carry your feet quite busy to shop here

Has become very popular!

Addition, if you know of anyone who comes to Hanoi but well, that it does not stay only a few days,

And so we can also help them shipped to your destination or return home following your travel destination

It all means please contact us.

Come, wear a suit of our shop, the business scene more fun

I think that you a pleasant stay.

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