Today suddenly become hot, a cotton shirt also in our shop
How to purchase that we have been increasing rapidly! ! !

Cotton shirts are very popular because there are many little things remaining
Please purchase it as soon as possible.

Today is We've created a sample hemp and linen, cotton jacket,
Is feeling very good in lightly supple comfort!

It an order from the early Customer is not in the fun way.
We are sure that satisfy Kit! ! !

Today, customers have ordered a dress for children
There is a pick up was.

The order also has been a spring coat at the same time,
Silhouette of a very beautiful tailoring to rise
As can be truly satisfied, and I was very happy.

We will arrange a special button on the material of the spring coat and trees
The other is there to let me tailoring,
Comfortable and perfect for a little chilly in early spring in Japan
As can be summoned to worry about the A-line silhouette of navy subdued colors,
Staff was relieved.

As well as suits and shirts,
As flexibly meet the demands of our customers these free,
I will correspond with a broad knowledge of tailoring staff.

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