10% discount from the amount of the total

Recently, thanks to new staff has increased to a store or workshop, we have become a very lively environment.

Vietnamese also gradually come to remember, you can work while communicating with each other, it is very fun.
Opportunity to meet different people and environment is also living in Japan, grew up words is quite low, itEvery day is worth feel very blessed that work in the environment.
Well, today is Vietnamese customers has been to visit us tailoring your jacket.Introduction of those who in our shop before tailoring a suit, at a discountI was allowed to offer.
Although I was allowed to introduce before,There is a system that the introduction to our services, to both introduce travelers, like Recipient'sBecause it is a system to a 10% discount from the amount of the total,It has become content and happy for each other!
Please visit us a lot of customers so far, in the introduction thatI was able to get to know a lot of people shop more!
Thank you very much.It is also thanks to everyone.
Thank you for coming today is Vietnamese,Was a hope that can also be used to casual scenes, elegant jacket.
Fill out your dough is made from Wool & Cashmere of Super150, things feel fine,'ll Put a little casual and the side vent, in the patterned lining,Playful and elegant tailoring of the jacket has become a possible.
Rather than a flap pocket with a lid usually,Called your out-of-pocket, and paste it into a jacket asIt is wonderful even if it choose a patch pocket.
In terms of design and functionality, If you have something that you do not know,Please feel free to have your voice at any time only.Our staff will answer him kindly.
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