purchase of fabric

Today I went to the purchase of fabric!
Store manager next week is scheduled to go to the purchase of fabrics and accessories to overseas
Increasingly so as to enhance product Tailort
Is in day-to-day struggle.

Today, and the purchase of fabric for casual jackets
Purchase of a new fabric, I went to purchase the fabric of dress for children!

I got the dough was very nice,
This fabric jacket and dress their fast,
Born in that suit
We will look forward to.

Today businessmen Otsutome the embassy of a certain country
Customers have been visiting.

He focused production of suit as early as 3,
I have never become a customer yourself that even once!

Tall order, and who I become better suit suits,
Order today, we had also two new shirts!
Thank you!

In so busy, always been a speedy
How is it that often left the shop,
And we in turn, because I talk about the design carefully,
And he has me to have thought of four suits of interest as early as
Was very pleased!

I want to give it as soon as possible to introduce new purchased fabric.

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