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Today early morning customers come to shop, we received your order of suits!
I have been tailored to suit a lot in Vietnam so far, so good is the first shop! And gave me a compliment.

Because until now had been a local tailoring shop in the old town, it seems that were not going the way you want.
Also interior and furniture fabrics, suit shops, from what to what all good! We said,
Now feeling very happy.

Is quite big and customers, were laughing, saying they did not take an additional charge.
The shop is more than chest 120cm, 100cm waist customers in more than is
Has received 20 percent plus an additional fee.

No matter how big and even customers, and try to measurements
Please be assured that not of over this number does not quite.

In addition, in the afternoon, we had customers visit us went up to deliver the tailored dress with us at home yesterday.
Than please also bring your friends, the shop is now very busy.

In our shop, so we of course also become possible tailoring of what women suit
Please be assured not.

I would also like to tailor a dress suit as well! Come many customers you have a request like that.
One Piece, so contact us for details about the design can bring real and enjoy a magazine or
Very helpful.

If you are interested in us once, but please come visit us to shop.

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