history of the suit

Hanoi today was sunny and pleasant! ! !

Thanks I received a lot of customers visit us,
During the day, filled with people as if they were garden party, such as cafes,
Sun is now a very lively.

From customers today are stationed in the British Embassy
I received your order!

There is also the home of the suit, called you from the UK,
Who was a strong commitment in the very fashionable.

The other is there to let me measuring and design consultation I also decided,
We realize again that I wish to study is often still.

What is the history of the suit, the more I dig, is very interesting.
The suit originally, like the gown for the British gentleman relax in the room
It has been said that the beginning and made ​​a casual jacket and pants that Haora.

But now it's a dress code that is not essential to the business scene,
Casual and it is strange that I have become the fashion to righteousness.

Otsutome men gave to the British Embassy visit us today,
Is not interested in your own suit, so stick to the style and detail of the suit is wife,
Was that of, and may be wearing what you have ordered in Vietnam until now.

Nevertheless, because it could not quite make the suit of Omoidori in English
It was great to find a shop! I will say!

Our shop, we aim to tailor a personalized service to Hanoi from now on!

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